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Parking management tools designed to make parking management easier.

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The following customer group all share common needs related to revenue generation, cost reductions, creating efficiencies and providing superior customer service to their end users.

Parking Facility Operators

These customers typically own and/or manage a portfolio of parking locations under their own brand, or manage these locations for a client. Parking locations can include (but are not limited to); parking lots, parkades, metered street parking, public and private garages or car parks.

SecureParks solutions offer these users parking management tools that can drive new revenue, helping them to secure new projects and provide a competitive advantage versus other companies in this market. Using SecurePark provides operational efficiencies, transparency and accountability, resulting in lower costs and greater customer service.

SecurePark can be configured for real-time integration with Parking Access and Revenue Control Systems (PARCS) providing greater efficiencies, accountability and revenue opportunities for operators...

Property Management

These customers typically own and/or manage a portfolio of properties under their own brand, or manage properties for a client. Types of properties include; commercial, industrial, residential and retail locations. All of which have parking management needs.

SecureParks solutions offer these users parking management tools help to manage tenant and visitor parking resulting greater efficiencies and security for the property owners and everyone who uses the property.

SecurePark can be used in retail property operations to provide time-limited free parking, paid parking, shop employee vehicles and VIPs. Some shopping malls are using parking enforcement to enhance security operations with license plate recognition (number plate recognition).

Higher Education & Schools

These customers are typically managing campus parking needs including garages, lots and on-street. Managers are interested in innovative and integrated parking payment and access control solutions.

SecurePark offers these users parking management tools help with faculty (staff), student and visitor parking resulting greater efficiencies and security for the campus.

Universities and colleges are using SecurePark to provide a friction-less parking experience for students and visitors with Tap-n-Go payment solutions, parking guidance and availability data before arriving at the campus

Healthcare & Hospitals

These customers are managing short-term and long-term parking needs for medical staff, patients and visitors. Many facilities need to address traffic challenges related to emergency patient loading zones and simplifying the issuance of visitor parking passes.

SecurePark offers these users parking management tools help with faculty (staff), patients, vendors and visitor parking. Automated enforcement can assist in patrolling emergency loading zones with greater accuracy and fairness for visitors.

Security companies are using SecurePark for enhanced patrol services at airports, hospitals, shopping malls, commercial and residential properties. These solutions provide an added layer of operational efficiencies and security.

Security & Protection

These companies are providing protection services to a wide variety of clients. Many security companies are offering enhanced service offerings including parking enforcement and visitor management.

SecurePark allows security companies to add parking patrol services easily and without needing an expensive software investment. SecurePark is also designed to allow customers to easily change users when the workforce is more transient than other industries.

Smart parking solutions make parking spaces easier to find but the real value is in the data, analysts say. Understanding driver patterns and behaviour can help city planners optimize the flow of traffic and reduce congestion – adapting parking regulations can encourage or discourage parking in certain areas at peak times...

Smart Cities

Many cities are adding technologies to better serve their communities. Parking management and enforcement software provide new data to help make planning and traffic related decisions. Enforcing parking regulations creates a more equitable use of shared resources like parking spaces.

SecurePark can interface with other Smart City systems to provide real-time monitoring parking operations and occupancy data. These products can include; vehicle detection sensors; cameras with automated vehicle licence plate recognition capabilities; smart parking meters; smart payment for parking; and digital signage and navigation apps for parking assistance.

Traffic congestion ranks high on the list of driver stress in urban areas. The technological solutions to make parking more smart, fluid, by eliminating traffic obstacles, and customizing and facilitating the driver’s experience exist and SecurePark can be part of the solution.


Parking can be a major source of revenue for airports, train stations and other commuter transportation hubs. These customers are seeking ways to improve the traffic and parking experience for travellers, employees and transient guests.

SecurePark can be integrated with other smart parking technologies that provide better traffic management, parking guidance, availability, frictionless payments and enforcement to ensure areas are clear of traffic that could impede travellers or create a security risk.